About Century Benefits Group Health Insurance Brokers

Century Benefits Group Inc.  is a full service health insurance firm specializing in employee benefits and Medicare Insurance Plans. We are dedicated to helping the consumer find the best plans and save money without sacrificing benefits. We work for the benefit of our client  (the consumer)  NOT the insurance companies. It is our job to find the best plans and rates irregardless of which company offers it.  We are a family corporation and offer peronalized service. We are also happy to provide free information to anyone who requests it.


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  1. where in manhattan 10065 can i apply for medicare b

    • In any area you will need to visit your local Social Security office. You will need form CMS-40B which you can download and print fom our NY Website. Go to http://www.nymedicare.org click on forms and articles. You will then see form CMS 40-B. Click on that link and the form will pop up. You can print and fill it out before you go to the Social Security office. If you have been employed and receiving insurance through your work you will want to fill out another form for a special election period so that you don’t have to pay a late enrollment penalty. You can request that form through the same website simply click on contact us and specify the form you need in the comments section. If you have questions or need additional help call 1-800-458-7805.

  2. Where would I file Part B Medicare claims? Address and als payor ID.

    Thank You


    • When referring to billing or contracting as far as Medicare is concerned there are several Medicare contracting companies depending on which part of the country you are located in. You may try http://www.administar.com which is available in many states. If that does not work try googling Medicare Contractors and include the name of your state.

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