Cigna Plans Pricing Co Pays And Benefits Look Good For 2010

While many Medicare Advantage plans have either raised premiums sky high or increased co-pays and lowered benefit Cigna Medicare Plans have continued to offer an excellent PFFS plan for 2010. It is against the Center For Medicaid And Medicare services current rules to say that any plan is “the best”. What I can say is that according to the Government website comparisons Cigna seems to offer the most comprehensive plans for the least amount of money.

Keep in mind that all Medicare advantage plans have experienced some cuts in benefits or raised premiums but the trick is to shop around. Cigna Medicare Plans are only available in select counties and states and although you should look at all of your options it would be a good idea to put Cigna Plans within the comparison.


Good News For Those Losing Medicare Advantage Plans For 2010

While many Medicare Advantage Plans will be leaving the market or discontinuing service in some areas of the country there are others who are very competetive and trying to grab that market share. The majority of Seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans are very satisfied and enjoy the extra benefits and lower co-pays.

It is important however, to shop for  the best plans each year. You may be pleasantly surprised and might even find a plan offering better benefits than you had in the previous years. Many companies in 2010 are now offering prescription drugs during the dreaded “doughnut hole” or coverage gap.

Be careful not to simply allow the insurance companies to dictate your decisions. Many seniors simply accept the rate hikes and increases in copays rather than taking the time to look for better companies or rates. If you don’t have the patience or the time for this I would suggest finding an ethical broker or agent to help.

Although each county has its own rates and companies available you can still find many great deals. While Advantra Freedom and Wellpoint have both pulled their PFFS plans off of the market Wellpoint has Re-Entered the Market after a brief new enrollment ban with some great new Plans through their Smart-Value PFFS plans and PPO and HMO plans through Empire, Anthem, And Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Georgia. Cigna Medicare also has a great PFFS plan in many areas.

The god news is that with private companies fighting for your healthcare dollars you may find many extra’s and better service than ever before. You can visit our website at  and find some basic tips and we have also added a new broker locater to find a qualified Medicare Plan broker licenced in your area.