Will Your Medicare Advantage Plans Still Be Available In 2010

Due to recent cuts in funding and new regulations put into place by the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services many plans have decided to discontinue some plans in certain markets. The new regulations will affect millions of Medicare Beneficiaries who have been quite happy and have become quite comfortable with their current plan.

However, there is little need for worry. There will still be plenty of Medicare Advantage plans to choose from, but you will still want to shop for the best coverage and rates. There is a very helpful format on choosing a Medicare plan wisely at www.todaysmedicare.com .

The plans affected most will be the PFFS Private Fee For Service) plans. These plans will start pulling out of many markets for the 2010 benefit year. Others will pull their PFFS plans off the market altogether and replace them with PPO (Preferred Provider Plans) or simply discontinue plans in some areas.

If you currently have Advantra Freedom, Aetna, or Healthnet PFFS plans you should start looking into different options as soon as the new plans are released on October 1st 2009. You may also contact a licensed broker to assist you and to answer any questions you may have. If you have an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan or a PPO (Preferred Provider) plan you may also see a difference in benefits and co-pays. Therefore, you should do a review and a plan compare to see if there are any more comprehensive and cost effective plans. Feel free to use the toll free insurance helpline at 877-300-2214


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  1. i have been with advantra rx from covertry health care,IN TEXAS. since2006.in 2009 my plan was adavantra rx Premier Plus.In 2010 i have no plans to change my policy with advantra rx,so my question is am i automatically enrolled in advantra rx premier plus as i was other years?.email please.james Nagrockii 13925 forestay st corpus christi tx 78418,Advantra rx never mailed me my packet in november 2009 as we were promised to tell me changes in 2010,IT IS CALL EVIDENCE OF COVERAGE.PLEASE ANSWER BOTH QUESTION.S

    • All plans must send you a notice of termination if there plan is terminating. When a plan terminates they do NOT enroll you in a part D plan. In some cases a plan may try to change you to another plan that they offer, however in they are still required to notify you in writing and give you the full details and you still have the option of changing plans if you are not satisfied with the benefits offered. In the case of Advantra Plans this year, you will need to choose another Medicare Plan. Some Advantra Freedom plans were offered as MAPD which means that the plan itself included the prescription drugs. You may also have a PFFS and a seperate Part D. If the part D is seperate you should still have RX coverage. If you do want to keep Advantra as your Part D you can still get a seperate Part D plan as long as it is a PFFS. You should call a broker and get a list of comparable options. You can ask for health plans only if you wish. Also if you just want an evidence of coverage you can call Advantra back or visit http://www.choicesformedicare.org and request one. Make sure you are specific in your request and they will know what to send.

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