Medicare Part D Plans For 2010

There are quite a few proposed changes for 2010 Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.  I will be watching for the final decisions over the next weeks and months. I will post the information as it becomes available. Today I am posting the proposed changes in the Part D deductible and the proposed “doughnut hole information”. There has been some additional developments. A deal has been struck with the prescription drug companies to help soften the blow to those entering the “doughnut hole”. The proposal will reduce the cost from 100% while in the “doughnut hole” to 50% in 2010. Keep in mind that this could always change. When I receive official documentation from the Centers for Medicare And Medicaid Services (CMS) I will post it immediately.

CMS Part D 2010 Standard Benefit Model Plan Details

Here are the highlights for the CMS defined Standard Benefit Plans for 2009 and 2010. This “Standard Benefit Plan” is the minimum allowable plan to be offered.

Once again: these are the proposed numbers and the official numbers are supposed to be released on October 1, 2009. Also keep in mind that this information is for plans offering the MINIMUM coverage. There will be many plans available that offer More coverage than the minimum plan. Be sure to look for the best deals. Or vsit our website to request plan specifics and the best deals in your county

  • Initial Deductible:
    from $295 in 2009 to $310* in 2010
  • Initial Coverage Limit:
    from $2,700 in 2009 to $2,830* in 2010
  • Out-of-Pocket Threshold:
    from $4,350 in 2009 to $4,550* in 2010
  • Minimum Cost-sharing in the Catastrophic Coverage Portion of the Benefit:
    from $2.40 for generics and $6.00 for other drugs in 2009 to $2.50 for generic or preferred drug that is a multi-source drug and $6.30* for all other drugs in 2010
  • Maximum Co-payments below the Out-of-Pocket Threshold for certain Low Income Full Subsidy Eligible Enrollees:
    from $2.40 for generics and $6.00 for other drugs in 2009 to $2.50 for generic or preferred drug that is a multi-source drug and $6.30* for all other drugs in 2010

4 Responses

  1. Today, October 1st is the day the health insurance companies can officially start marketing their Medicare Plans. AdvantraRX has initiated a 60%+ increase in Part D premiums for 2010. This is immoral.

    • I understand and agree that this seems unfair. The same thing happened with other companies last year which made many people switch to Advantra Rx in the first place. This is why we recommend a yearly review each year to find the plan that best suits your needs. Unfortunately too many people simply stay with the same company rather than switch. I’m not sure if this is a game that insurance companies play or if it has something to do with the cut in government subsidies. Although I do know that there will be many other companies competing for this business. visit for helpful tips for choosing a Medicare Part D plan and to request a free information kit.

      You should definitely make a detailed list of all of your prescriptions and either look them up yourself or call the toll free insurance helpline at 1-877-300-2214. you can also email

      I could write a book on some different methods and ideas on how to effectively choose a medicare Part D plan, unfortunately our current system makes it very difficult for seniors to navigate through the many available options. If you use one of the many resources available on our blog I can assure you that you will save money and find a very affordable plan that will fit your specific needs

  2. Just got my notice from RxAmerica, went up 79%

    • Heres the good news!! You can change plans each year from Nov. 15th and Dec. 31st. I see this each year with all types of health insurance. A company will have great rates and benefits one year and they usually gain a huge amount of enrollees. The following year they raise their rates and hope to keep as many customers as possible. This is my opinion but it makes sense. Most people simply accept the higher rates and do nothing. In order to beat the game you should shop around each year. It may take a little of your time to save a lot of your money.Visit our website at and after filling out the quote form leave a comment in the section provided and you can receive some assistance in your search. Or you can just do nothing and allow the insurance company to win.

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